Author Guidelines


Submission process:

Research papers should be mailed to Editor IJPCR, Department of Physiotherapy, JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Dabok, Udaipur at , Articles are accepted for the journal throughout the year and as and when the review and revision is completed the paper in published in the forthcoming issue of the journal. The editors go through the paper and ensure that it is complete in all respect. In case of Hindi and Sanskrit, papers should be submitted in Unicode or kurti dev 10 font, besides a pdf copy. All the illustrations maps or line drawings must be submitted in jpeg form with more than 300 dpi.

Peer Review:

  1. The article is generally sent to one reviewer, but sometime it is also sent to two reviewers depending on the interdisciplinary approach or subject matter of the paper. The authors name is not exposed to the reviewer(s).
  2. The reviewers are requested to evaluate the papers looking at the originality of the text, relevance of the paper, suitability of the content, shortcomings, references and so on.
  3. The reviewers chosen are always well known scholars and their work for the journal is honorary and it is deemed to be a service to the discipline.
  4. The comments of the reviewer(s) are forwarded to the corresponding author and requested to revise the paper within two months time and resubmit.
  5. In case the suggestions or comments of the reviewer(s) are not acceptable to the author then the paper is sent to third reviewer for comments.
  6. The article is rejected if it is not approved even by the third reviewer.


  1. Articles are published in the journal only having approval of the reviewer.
  2. In the final publication date of submission, revision and acceptance are published.
  3. Once the journal is published a free hard copy of the journal and soft copy of the authors’ paper is also given.